Getting Lost Marko Lulic

20/11 2013 — 22/11 2013 

Marko Lulić’s seminar will tie into his new work Places of Fear (2013). Perceiving the public space as a social construction and constellation influenced by social relationships, history, politics, economics, and media imagery, he investigates how the media influence our perception, behavior, opinions and mental experience of the urban environment.

During the seminar, participants will be invited to research the topic of psycho-geography and to actively explore the city. They will be alternating between theory and practice, receiving input and creating output, and working with the city as an endless source and site of cultural production.

Marko Lulić (lives and works in Vienna, Austria) is a conceptual artist who employs a variety of media, including photography, video, sculptural objects, and monumental installations. In his work, he comments on our contemporary society in a witty and ironic way.

The seminars of Kunsthalle Wien offer an in-depth exploration of contemporary art and the issues and queries connected with it. They are developed in close collaboration with the artists involved in the exhibitions at Kunsthalle Wien and other experts in contemporary art. Each seminar examines a different subject, which constitutes a combination of each instructor’s interests and research fields. Theory and practice, analysis and the independent realization of one’s own ideas are given equal importance in these two-day events. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 15. If you are interested, please register at Kunsthalle Wien’s art education department.