Guided tour Handspells. Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2021

Guided tour
18/5 2022 5:30 pm

An event in the context of Integrationswochen 2022

The guided tour is free with an exhibition ticket. No prior registration is required.

Did you do anything today? Was it meaningful? Exhausting? Productive? The artists in Handspells. Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2021, might be described as highly specialized artisans whose practice reflects on the social conditions and contingency woven into their works.

What traces are left by a condition of activity? What connections to people, other living beings and nature follow? What is work, and what changes with its classification as productive, reproductive, or unproductive? What brings change about – specifically change tending towards an ecologically and socially just future?

Art educator Andrea Hubin will follow the thread of these questions in a one-hour guided tour of the exhibition.

The Kunsthalle Wien Prize is a cooperation of Kunsthalle Wien with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. In 2022, for the first time the winners of the prize and the shortlisted artists are shown together in a group exhibition.