Guy Mees. The weather is quiet, cool and soft

31/1 2018 6 pm

The Corner of the Eye. Discussing Guy Mees
Opening and Talk with Lilou Vidal and François Piron

Guy Mees’ radical evading of theoretical discourses about his work had little to do with strategy or hermeticism. Rather, it tried to privilege a precise and attentive gaze: never totalizing, but based on the changing qualities of the visual. Mees’ work escapes any definitive reading. How, then, can we talk about someone who was wary of excessive analytical debate and the irrevocable nature of words?

Everyone who knew Guy Mees mentions the way he looked at things, catching every little detail out of the corner of his eyes.

This talk tries to offer an approach and a perceptive experience of Guy Mees’ legacy by looking at peripheral documents and personal archives from the artist that remain open to interpretation.

Lilou Vidal, curator of the exhibition, has invited François Piron, art critic, curator and editor, to discuss Guy Mees’ work using a selection of visual materials and sources related to the upcoming publication The weather is quiet, cool and soft, published by Sternberg Press.

Free admission!