Hans Nevidal boko halal

28/4 2015 7 pm

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On May 10, 2000, Hans Nevidal began his project Projektionen zum 10. Mai (projections on May 10) in which he projected so-called fire safety films (films on technical fire protection) onto the facade of the German National Library in Frankfurt am Main. This took place on the anniversary of the Nazi book burnings which happened on the 10th May 1933. In 2001, the initiative was resumed at the Bücherturm of the German National Library in Leipzig. A total of 34 initiatives are planned with the last one taking place in 2033.

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The performance program of Destination Vienna 2015 will outline the vitality that this art form is currently experiencing in Vienna. Different artists and artist groups represent the bandwidth of the medium from critical to parodic and subversive approaches.