How, for whom & why? Talking about Slogans for a Parade

7/6 2017 5 pm

Kunsthalle Wien goes Vienna Pride 2017

Kunsthalle Wien will be part of this year’s Vienna Pride – with its own (walking) group. But what is the Pride actually all about? More about political messages or commerce and party? And how has the Vienna Pride originated?

Armin Autz and Christopher Wurmdobler will talk about the history of the Vienna Pride, but also about actions of the Viennese collective H.A.P.P.Y during the parade. Together we will ask ourselves what moves us to take (or possibly take) part. A look into the exhibition How To Live Together can be helpful for the discussion, during which also a pool of slogans should be created. This will serve as a starting point for a DIY-banner workshop on June 15.

With: Armin Autz / Christopher Wurmdobler (H.A.P.P.Y) and members of Denkfabrik