In D/ialog – On the Potential of Affirmative Action

16/10 2021 6:30 pm — 10 pm

In D/ialog – On the Potential of Affirmative Action begins with short keynote speeches that map out the tensions between the conceptual aspiration to stimulate diversification and the embeddedness in hegemonic structures. The focus of the keynotes is centered on the friction zones and fine interstices where empowerment is possible.

In the following panel discussion, we address the topic of diversification in the field of art. We will attempt to pinpoint the conflicting priorities that emerge in the implementation of diversity concepts and affirmative strategies. Additionally, we discuss: which diversity concepts are suited for a transformation of the cultural field and which power mechanisms are inscribed into the notion of “diversity” as such?

Stage design and installation: Petja Dimitrova

Audio installation: Esra Özmen

Short keynote speeches: Barbora Chen (Akademie geht in die Schule / Akademie der bildenden Künste), Marissa Lôbo & Daliah Touré (kültüř gemma!), Andrea Lumplecker (Klasse für Alle / Angewandte)

Panel discussion with: Betül Seyma Küpeli (bildende Künstlerin), Marissa Lôbo, Barbara Putz-Plecko (vice-rector of the University of Applied Arts Vienna), Sabina Sabolović  (WHW / director of Kunsthalle Wien) and Ruby Sircar (Kunstwissenschaftlerin und Künstlerin)

Moderation: Fariba Mosleh (Brunnenpassage Wien)

Event in German and English

The number of participants for this discussion is limited due to the current Covid-19 prevention measures. We kindly ask you to register at

In D/ialog – On the Potential of Affirmative Action is part of the two-day event In D/ialog – Politics of Resisting Voices / Politics of Listening. A project by D/Arts – Projektbüro für Diversität und urbanen Dialog [Project Office for Diversity and Urban Dialogue] in collaboration with Allianz Kunst und Bildung gegen Rassismus und Faschismus [Alliance Art and Education against Racism and Fascism] – an initiative of the art education departments at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
In cooperation with Kunsthalle Wien, Decolonizing in Vienna, kültüř gemma!, and SOHO in Ottakring. D/Arts is a project office commissioned by Brunnenpassage Wien.