Indigo Dyeing Workshop. Indigo Cappies

Kids' program / Workshop
18/5 2024 10 am — 12 pm

Children’s workshop as part of WIENEXTRA

The workshop is fully booked.

For children from 6 – 14 years

The indigo dyeing technique has been known for many thousand years. In the beginning, only kings and queens were allowed to dye their clothes or sails in bright blue. In the dyeing workshop with the fashion collective Altınstark, you will learn how to paint your own cappie with wax and then dye it with indigo. Like a miracle, the dyed material turns from green to blue when it comes into contact with air!

The Altınstark collective consists of the fashion and textile designers Esra Altın and Marielena Stark. Marielena Stark is part of the exhibition Come as You Are. Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2023. In her artistic practice, she deals with fashion, among other things, and uses the dyeing process with indigo for her installations.

Workshop fee:

Children: € 12 / € 6 with WIENXTRA-kinderaktivcard

Adults: € 5 / € 4 with WIENXTRA-kinderaktivcard