Interim Reflection: The SOHO in Ottakring Werkzeug-Gespräche [tool-talks]

12/7 2017 5 pm

Reflection and discussion on possibilities of rethinking discursive spaces, together with the curators of the SOHO in Ottakring Werkzeug-Gespräche.

In 2017, the SOHO in Ottakring Werkzeug-Gespräche [tool-talks] in cooperation with stadt:wurzel try to work out new forms to investigate and debate changes of contemporary working and living conditions in urban contexts. During this session in the Community College we will reflect on the engaged attempt to broaden the discussion on how we want to live and work together.

With: Marie-Christine Hartig, Hansel Sato, Ula Schneider (SOHO in Ottakring,, Thomas Kerekes (stadt:wurzel,

Location: Community College at the Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier

Further date in the frame of the cooperation with the SOHO in Ottakring Werkzeug-Gespräche [tool-talks]:

14/9, 5 pm
Meeting point: in the exhibition How To Live Together, from approx. 6 pm moving on to the Werkzeug-Gespräch in Alte Milchtrinkhalle in Kongresspark. More…