Intervention. Experience and Perspective

12/1 2018 2 pm — 4 pm

In collaboration with the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna (MUK)

Students of the Master of Arts Education degree course, within the context of their studies, focus on the spatial implementation of sound in the exhibition, and critically examine the psychoacoustic effect of Florian Hecker’s sound pieces. In participation with visitors, students present the results of this Kunsthalle Wien and MUK collaboration in the form of interventions in a loop. They similarly seek to employ the auditory processes as material and sound out the exhibition area as an acoustic realm of experience. The transformation of acoustic (self) perception through synthetic sounds leads to the following question: what happens to us when perplexing auditory experiences unhinge our listening habits?

The looped workshop is varied, performative offer to access the exhibition. You can join at any time and get involved as long as you want.

With the students: Bernhard Affengruber, Elisa Godino, Aleksandra Kamenskaja, Lukas Leutgeb, Shushan Manukyan, Irina Pavlovic, Michael Schwarzböck, Lena Themeßl, Meric Yücel, Anna Zourek und Edith Wregg (WS-supervisor, MUK)

Free admission!

Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna