Kunsthalle Wien x Kaleidoskop

Film program / Guided tour / Performance
4/7 2023 7:30 pm

On Tuesday, July 4, Kaleidoskop festival screens the film VAI E VEM (SWING AND SWAY) by Chica Barbosa and Fernanda Pessoa.

In cooperation with Kaleidoskop, curator Astrid Peterle guides through the exhibition Unfreezing the Scene. Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2022 at 7:30 pm and Charlotte Gash will surprise us with a performance prior to the film at 9 pm.

Free admission.

The open air cinema Kaleidoskop presents film and performance evenings full of colors, shapes, movement and new perspectives daily at 9 pm from June 30 to July 14 at Karlsplatz. With free admission and a carefully curated program, Kaleidoskop takes audiences on cinematic city trips around the globe. On 15 evenings, a kaleidoscope of cinematic forms, urban spaces, life realities and narratives from 15 cities, between metropolis and periphery, emerges on the screen.

Intros and performances before the screenings reveal a multitude of inspiring perspectives on the featured works. Each evening, filmmakers, artists from various disciplines, scholars, and activists curate introductions that delve deeper into the themes and forms, atmospheres and settings, while creating connections to the city of Vienna.

Chica Barbosa and Fernanda Pessoa had been planning a collaboration on the political and collective agency of cinema since longer. In 2020, the two filmmakers tackle their longings for exchange in the form of audiovisual essays between São Paulo and Los Angeles. In three-week cycles, a cinematic correspondence rooted in intimacy and friendship unfolds, which is set in relation to works by 16 other inspiring experimental women* filmmakers.

VAI E VEM is a snapshot of Brazil and the USA in politically turbulent times, a sensual approach to communication in constant change, and a formal expression of the physical closeness of two friends that transcends the distance between the Northern and Southern Americas.