Is the emperor naked? Contemporary art for skeptics

Guided tour
16/12 2021 

Shrugging shoulders, shaking heads, incomprehension — if these reactions to contemporary art seem familiar, this encounter is for you. According to philosopher and art critic Klaus Speidel, contemporary art’s reputation of being difficult, uncomfortable or ludicrous is well deserved. Which is why he will not only explain Ines Doujak’s work during this dialogue and guided tour through the exhibition Geistervölker, but also make space to openly discuss difficulties and criticism. So if you are skeptical concerning contemporary art, find it difficult or know people who do, sign (them) up.

The tour will be published as a web series on the website and the digital channels of Kunsthalle Wien.

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Klaus Speidel: Is the emperor naked? Contemporary art for skeptics
Klaus Speidel: How do you approach a contemporary art exhibition?
Klaus Speidel: What turns ordinary things into art?
Klaus Speidel: Was hat es mit den Preisen und dem Wert von Kunst auf sich?
Klaus Speidel: Is there a meaning behind the choice of material?