Isa Genzken

Film program
10/7 2014 7 pm

Isa Genzken:
Zwei Frauen im Gefecht (Two women in combat)

1974, 16mm transferred to DVD, b/w, silent, 8 min.
Performers: Isa Genzken, Susan Grayson
Camera: Benjamin H. D. Buchloh

Two artists – Isa Genzken and Susan Grayson – exchange clothing. One is tall and slim the other one shorter and bigger, but somehow the shirts, skirts, bras and shoes seem to fit both women in different ways, as is documented by the repeated exchange.

Isa Genzken
Chicago Drive

1992, 16mm transferred to DVD, colour, sound, 26 min.
Camera: Ray Wang

Chicago Drive is a cinematic dialogue with Chicago’s famous architecture, captured by camera trips along the high-rises’ facades, reflective windows and motorways and translated into an abstract matrix of modernity.

Isa Genzken
Meine Großeltern im Bayrischen Wald(My Grandparents in the Bavarian Forest)

1992, video, colour, sound, 63 min.

In 1992, shortly before they passed away Isa Genzken made a film about her grandparents. It is a personal document capturing the everyday routine of a married couple that lives secluded lives. It makes the private public without disclosing it. The grandparent’s house and their everyday life seems the antitheses to the world reflected in Genzken’s other works, yet insists on the concept of lived space as a social sphere.

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