Helen Palmer – It Comes in Waves

31/1 2024 6:30 pm — 9 pm

Pleasure Writing Workshop with Helen Palmer in context of the exhibition Darker, Lighter, Puffy, Flat.

No writing experience is necessary!

The workshop will be held in English.

Fee: € 5

The workshop is fully booked. The next workshops will take place on February 21 and March 20.

How is pleasure connected to writing? What is a writing flow? How do we embody pleasure in words? How is writing connected to the body?

In this workshop we will do a series of simple writing experiments, working with constraints (and their removal) in order to break down writers’ block, free ourselves from grammatical undergarments and feel the sensory pleasure of language. We will work with the sound, shape, and feel of words as sensory objects with moods and textures, exploring the vital and immediate relation between language and the body.

Helen Palmer is a writer, thinker and teacher. She is the author of Deleuze und Futurismus: A Manifesto for Nonsense (Bloomsbury, 2014), Queer Defamiliarisation: Writing, Mattering, Making Strange (Edinburgh University Press, 2020), and her first novel is Pleasure Beach (Prototype, 2023).

The concepts she has written about in recent years all share the common need for new narratives and new perceptions. They all require the simultaneous deployment of scientific and technical experimentation with playful use of the imagination in order to think beyond what already exists and fabulate alternative models into being.

Palmer has been teaching across the disciplines of literature, literary and critical theory, diffractive creativities, and creative writing since 2010. She runs public creative writing workshops.