Jan Erbelding

16/8 2018 7 pm

Jan Erbelding is a Munich-based artist. Erbelding’s contribution to the exhibition There Is No Place Before Arrival, will be in response to Olaf Nicolai’s installation in the Kunsthalle Wien.

Jan Erbelding—together with Johanna Gonschorek, Leo Heinik and Maria V. Mier—runs Ruine München, an exhibition series in the format of publications which gives respectively one artist a solo show. Ruine München is also an independent/artist-run/not-for-profit that takes place at least four times per year at different venues.

Beside other contributors such as Lena Grossmann and Felix Leon Westner,

Erbelding was a student of Olaf Nicolai’s [Sculpture and the basics of three-dimensional design] class at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Olaf Nicolai has been teaching at the Academy since 2011.

Admission EUR 2
Free with entrance ticket or annual ticket