Johanna Braun: All-American-Gothic Girl

24/10 2017 1 pm

Performative reading & book launch of All-American-Gothic Girl by Johanna Braun with Daniela Hahn & Andrea Lehsiak at the Passagen Pop-up Store. Zimmer37 will provide homemade snacks as a brown-bag lunch .

Johanna Braun’s artistic-philosophical book All-American-Gothic Girl examines the prominent figure of the justice-demanding girl in US-American stories. This significant current phenomenon has an extensive historical foundation and allows references to current legal discourses. For the presentation at the Passagen Pop-up Store, the author joins Daniela Hahn and Andrea Lehsiak in a transatlantic dialogue between Vienna and Los Angeles.

Daniela Hahn, curator and art historian, was a curatorial assistant at the SAMMLUNG VEBUND from 2014 to 2017 and is currently working at MUMOK.

Andrea Lehsiak, freelance graphic artist and visual artist, has been director of the Institut für angewandte Raumschiffung since 2016. Daniela Hahn and Andrea Lehsiak joined forces in 2011 to establish the „Schaukasten – Interessensraum für Zeitgenossenschaft e.V.“

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