John Tylo: VideoDocu

14/7 2005 6 pm

VideoDocu by John Tylo © 2004

The small town GUCA next to CACAK, south of Beograd hosts the yearly Balkan Brass Festival DRAGACEVSKY SABOR TRUBACA. Beside a contest the brass bands, predominantly Roma musicians, perform in cafés, beer tents, in the streets and public places, wherever somebody will like to spend money for to loose her/his mind by extremely fast blown melodies and asymmetrical rhythm.
Fans of this kind of music regularly occur to end up on top of restaurant tables. Less enthusiastic guests sooner or later make straight for grilled pigs.
Sometimes it may happen that two performing brass bands for any reason get too close together in a café or elsewhere indoors, that’s a rare moment of pure chaos.
Original footage. Duration 6 hours. Approximately 15 brass bands are documented.