Joonas Ahonen: Morton Feldman Triadic Memories

22/5 2013 11 pm

“Triadic Memories”, composed in 1981, is an expanded work for piano by Morton Feldman in which common notions of time seem to dissolve. It is music of subdued tones and reduced timbres that nevertheless develops an uncommon tonal richness. The piece is determined by continuously changing rhythmic and metric structures that are based on irregular symmetries. In fact, changes in the metric elements or harmonies happen sporadically or over a longer period of time. Thus the overall impression of a multi-layered tonality persists – one that evolves over time to form a tonal labyrinth in which listeners can lose themselves. The memory of that which has previously been heard encounters a repetitive structure and hidden symmetries that seem to recur at irregular intervals. Over the course of “Triadic Memories” the listener’s attention increasingly shifts towards the presence of the moment and how the piano music modulates it.

Piano: Ehrbar 1877, Gert Hecher Klavier-Atelier

Joonas Ahonen (*1984) is a pianist. He lives and works in Helsinki and Vienna. His career as a soloist took him to the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, and the music ensembles “Avanti!” and “Ictus”. Ahonen has been a member of the Klangforum Wien since 2011.