KISS curators’ tour

Guided tour
1/8 2020 6 pm
Museumsquartier > Karlsplatz

This summer, the exhibition project KISS explores the field between the need for intimacy, contact, and solace, and the simultaneous impossibility of them all. Artistic works by Eva Egermann, Thomas Geiger, Elke Silvia Krystufek, Rade Petrasevic, Margot PilzJohanna Tinzl … invite visitors to rediscover the public space in the city of Vienna.

On Saturday,  August 1, at 6 pm you can join curators Laura Amann, Aziza Harmel and Nataša Ilić (WHW) for an overview of the artists Johanna Tinzl’s, Eva Egermann’s, and Margot Pilz’s contributions to KISS, presented on a walking tour from Museumsquartier to Karlsplatz.

Meeting point: outside Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier


Free admission / participation