CANCELLED: Artist workshop with Melanie Ebenhoch

Kids' program
8/4 2020 11 am — 1 pm

In order not to endanger the safety of our visitors in view of the current situation in connection with Covid-19, Kunsthalle Wien will be closed until further notice. This applies to the exhibition as well as all events and guided tours.

Dream Hotel with Garden of Dreams

Imagine a place, a hotel, a garden in which dreaming and wishing is particularly easy. What does it look like there? And who stays there? Are the walls green-orange, and do bright yellow wishing trees grow in the garden? Together with the artist Melanie Ebenhoch we build colorful, fantastic models out of cardboard, fabric, colored foils, and much, much more.

Children´s workshop in cooperation with WienXtra Osterferienspiel
For children from 6 years on

Children: € 2 / with Kinderaktivcard free of charge
Adults: € 3 / mit Kinderaktivcard free of charge