Learning from Vulnerability

Guided tour
28/1 2024 3 pm

At the final day, Andrea Hubin guides us through the exhibition No Feeling Is Final. The Skopje Solidarity Collection, based on material impulses, historical sources, and current statements on solidarity.

We kindly ask you to register in advance at besucherservice@kunsthallewien.at or directly at the cash desk in Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier. The number of participants is limited.

The guided tour is free with an exhibition ticket and will be held in German and/or English as required.

Is there a connection between one’s own experiences of vulnerability and relationships to solidarity that an individual or a society enters into with “others”? How close do I have to feel to persons or groups in distress in order to be in solidarity with them?

One explanation for the enormous willingness of the international community to help in the reconstruction of the city of Skopje was that the catastrophic earthquake evoked memories of the destruction caused by bombing in the Second World War. The “City of Solidarity” thus also emerged on geopolitical fault lines and in recourse to historical antecedents.

But there is also a story to be told about the willingness to help and the resilience of the local community in coping with the immediate emergency – not least of the trust in art as a means of existential support.

What can be deduced from this for contemporary perspectives on solidarity? Have the coordinates shifted in a time of multiple crises in which many are confronted with their vulnerability and dependence on others? Under what conditions does solidarity bridge spatial, political, or social distances? And how can art play a role in this?