#LeaveNoOneBehind. Meine Sicht mit PCCC*

Guided tour
8/5 2020 8 pm
Facebook Live

Online-Tour on Facebook Live

“Punch up, don’t kick down” has always been the motto of PCCC*, Vienna’s first queer and politically correct comedy club. In the framework of the Die Vielen action days, Denice Bourbon and Josef Jöchl give a special guided tour through the exhibition … of bread, wine, cars, security and peace. In keeping with the PCCC* maxim, it takes a humorous and critical look at our current exhibition and stimulates reflection on humor and the “good” life. And it’s 100% live and interactive. Stream it and post your comments. Send us your questions and comments during the tour – cause that’s how stand-up works!

 My View is a program series by Kunsthalle Wien in which experts, amateurs, and interesting people are invited to present their personal view of the exhibition. You can only participate in the My View with PCCC* online. The tour is free, however, we – as a part of Die Vielen – would like to draw your attention to a fundraising campaign for the initiative SEEBRÜCKE. Creating Safe Harbours!

Currently, we are in the midst of an unprecedented humanitarian, health, and political catastrophe. In light of the global corona pandemic, now more than ever we need to act in solidarity and support those who are especially afflicted by this crisis. We stand united.

#LeaveNoOneBehind #ArtistsCareAboutBridges #UnitedWeShare

Every donation counts: https://seebruecke.org/unitedweshare/

Denice Bourbon, known as a lesbian/queer performer, author, musician, moderator, DJ, and podcaster (Now, Back to Me!) and comedian Josef Jöchl founded PCCC* in 2017. Why? Because they found there wasn’t enough laughter in the queer and art scene, and because “everyone said: you can forget that – being politically correct and funny, that’s not possible!” But oh yes, it is possible.