4/7 2021 2 pm — 6 pm


Do exhibition objects need contextual information from artists, curators, or the educational team to tell a story? Or can this story also emerge when viewers question the exhibited artifacts, interpret them, and charge them with meaning?

This question becomes particularly topical when an exhibition like the present show addresses discrimination and collective trauma, contents not easy to put into words because they emerge from ongoing struggles.

With: Andreas Lehner and Ioana Spataru

Andreas Lehner, artist. Installations in public space, visual realizations of literary texts. Concepts for “burgenländisches geschichte(n)haus“ and “Grenzerfahrungsweg” Bildein. www.dade.at

Ioana Spataru, actress, photographer, trainer, activist, and freelance journalist for various magazines.

Each workshop afternoon centers on a thematic chapter of the exhibition. We develop questions and discover new perspectives to answer them in an exchange with our guests.

Please register at besucherservice@kunsthallewien.at. Both participation in the workshop and entrance to the exhibition are free.

Language(s): German (and English, French, Romani, Romanian, Hungarian, … as needed).

Following a suggestion by the Soviet writer Sergei Tretyakov, the workshop series LET’S BE REALISTIC! is an invitation to try out whether and how utopias of social justice can be developed based on joint writing, narration, and discussion of biographies of things. The objects, archival images, and partly fictional artworks shown in the exhibition Averklub Collective. Manuš Means Human provide the starting point for the project. The show tells a special story about the history of the Romani people in real socialism. What does it mean when we include local readings as well as objects and stories of the participants into this visual essay?

In accordance with the applicable COVID-19 prevention regulations, the workshops will take place as group activities at Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier, in the form of field trips, and/or online.

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