31/8 2021 — 3/9 2021 5 pm — 7 pm

I keep thinking of the idea of “strangers” while thinking about being in the objectified company of other people’s thoughts. These people are strangers who will perhaps always remain strangers to me but through their thoughts, questions, drawings and collections I have the opportunity to meet them in some surreal manner. Many of their thoughts, especially some of the drawings, bridge something between me and the exhibition.

During this pandemic, my desire to meet and get to know new people kind of faded away so perhaps this kind of connection or networking with objects fashioned by other people is rather fascinating.

– Visitor Zahra on her experience with the Companion Object Cards

During the last week of the exhibition, our art educators will once again be available for questions and discussion in the exhibition Averklub Collective. Manuš Means Human.

In this context, we are also following up on the workshop LETS BE REALISTIC!. In July 2021, we were addressing questions such as:

Are objects an expression of a particular culture or do they also tell of social conflicts, contradictions, and inequalities? What conceptual spaces open up when one investigates the doubt whether things are really what they seem to be at first glance?

A series of cards is documenting the questions, thoughts, and stories that emerged during the workshop. It is an invitation to be accompanied in the search for spaces of meaning in the visual essay of the exhibition.

What (object) stories do YOU bring to the exhibition?

We look forward to meeting you and exchanging ideas with you!