Liam Gillick

25/5 2013 7:55 pm

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Based in London and New York, Liam Gillick has been exhibiting internationally since the beginning of the Nineties. His ongoing interest in the legacy of modernism has resulted in a truly remarkable and influential body of work and a practice that has developed and extended into many disciplines, acting as sculptor, architect, designer, critic, author, and curator. Recently he was selected as the 38th Bampton Series speaker at Columbia University (the Bampton Lectures in America are a series of biennial lectures given by prominent scholars in the fields of theology, science, art, and medicine). There Gillick presented a series of four lectures examining a particular genealogy of the modern period that offers a revised understanding of the origins of contemporary art and its analysis. Similarly, his more recent polemic essays on work, abstraction and the contemporary have examined the effects that these moments have had on contemporary art – proposing a new way to approach both the super-subjective and documentarian strands of recent work.