Live Together. Learn Together – Shared Space. Shared Rules

2/3 2018 4 pm — 9 pm

Inspired by the motto “Live Together. Learn Together – Shared Space. Shared Rules” the students of Vienna Vocational school for the Administrative Professions and the vocational school Handel @ Administration addressed topics such as community and working as a team in a classroom context. How does a classroom community work? Do we need set rules for a community to work, and who sets these rules? Is it possible that secrets work as the best social glue in a classroom community? In several workshops and street interviews conducted by the students these and other questions were discussed and explored in greater detail.
The results of this co-operation will be presented as part of the exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien on view from March 2 – April 3, and celebrated at the opening event featuring KUS-Soundproject and a DJ lineup!

Friday, March 2, 2018, 4 – 9 pm
Kunsthalle Wien, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien

Free entry!

The opening will be addressed by Christoph Klein, Director of Arbeiterkammer Wien; Brigitte Eberhard, KUS network; as well as the directors of Vienna Vocational school for the Administrative Professions, Daniela Kirnbauer and Ingrid Lebersorger of vocational school Handel @ Administration.

Welcome by Sigrid Mittersteiner, Managing Director of Kunsthalle Wien.
All students involved will be present.

This project was initiated by the education department of Kunsthalle Wien and the vocational schools. Realized thanks to the friendly support of Arbeiterkammer Wien and the KUS network for education, social affairs, sport and culture.

Young AKKUS Netzwerk für Bildung, Soziales, Sport und Kultur