Living Labour / Working Life

6/9 2017 6 pm

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With Barbara Mahlknecht (researcher, educator, curator), Sidsel Meineche Hansen (artist of the exhibition), Helena Vilalta (critic, lecturer, editor)

Living Labour / Working Life casts a feminist perspective on working relations in order to trace the hierarchy between reproductive and productive, immaterial and material, cognitive and manual labour.

Capitalism has separated the public, productive and accumulative space from the private, reproductive, maintainer space. This separation goes hand in hand with social and gender-based divisions that reinforced the invisibility of (devalued) work mainly performed by women. Today, not only gender-inequalities continue to exist, also the hierarchical order of immaterial and manual labour seems set, while private life, desires, sexuality and affects enter the public, economic space. How has this situation evolved? How can we re-think care, maintenance and reproductive activities?

Language: English
Location: Heuer am Karlsplatz

Discursive Program

What will the world of work look like tomorrow? How can one act today in order to question the conceptions of capitalism, of de-regulation as well as geographical and gender-related separations of work? How can alternatives be addressed and shaped?

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Wed 6/9, 6 pm: Living Labour / Working Life

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