Mad masks. Wild creatures

Kids' program / Workshop
8/2 2024 10 am — 11:30 am

Children’s workshop as part of WIENXTRA-Semesterferienspiel

The workshop is fully booked. Check out our program for the Easter break.

For children from 6 – 10 years

Would you like to become a superhero, zombie, robot, magic fairy, clown or wild animal? Masks have fascinated people for centuries. Create your own mask and bring your fantastical creatures to life! We will experiment with different materials such as cardboard, paper, fabric, string and paint. How will your mask transform you? Will you become braver, madder, or even invisible?

Workshop fee:

Children: € 2 / € 1 with WIENXTRA-kinderaktivcard

Adults: € 3 / € 2 with WIENXTRA-kinderaktivcard