Making friends with doing nothing: A Meditation Sit-in

1/7 2014 5 pm

Can meditation make us more productive? We actually don’t care! We try to do nothing! But doing nothing is actually harder than it seems. Meditation is like doing nothing, since it has no direction, goal, or method. We just sit down, relax, and focus our mind on the flow of our breath. It’s very simple.

This “sit-in” is not a class, but a collective experience, a quiet gathering in the exhibition space of New Ways of Doing Nothing. Belinda Hak will guide through the session and offer some practical exercises. We let the future unfold spontaneously and get attuned to do nothing.

Everyone who is interested can attend! The exercises can be practiced easily and are also for people who “can’t sit still” or are simply “too busy”.

Tuesday, July 1, 5 – 5.45 pm
Thursday, July 24, 5 – 5.45 pm
Tuesday, August 5, 5 – 5.45 pm
Thursday, September, 4, 5 – 5.45 pm
Tuesday, September, 23, 5 – 5.45 pm
Saturday, October 4, 12 – 1 am (Special Midnight Session during the Lange Nacht der Museen)
Thursday, October 9, 5 – 5.45 pm

Some mats, pillows, blankets and chairs are available, but you can also bring your own.Comfortable clothing is recommended.

All sit-ins can be attended with a valid entrance ticket. No reservations necessary.

Belinda Hak is Head of Education at the Kunsthalle Wien and has been practicing yoga, tai chi and meditation for many years.