Marina Faust / Sonia Leimer Für eine Weile, wer weiß wie lange

21/5 2015 7 pm

Marina Faust & Sonia Leimer, Für eine Weile, wer weiss wie lange (Performance), 2014, Courtesy the artists, Photo: Alexandra Ötzlinger

The performance by Marina Faust and Sonia Leimer references an event in 1999 when Franz West, together with a gallery owner, wrapped up a table with coloured gaffer tape. However, this performance is conceived not as a re-enactment, i.e. a repetition of the historical situation, but as the execution of an existing set of instructions. The result of the performance can be seen on the wall.

“It remains unclear what the object is. The bewilderment or the question as to whether this is a work of art or not supports my claim that there is no art without misunderstandings, that this only interests me when the freedom of misunderstanding is possible. Perhaps the performance itself is the ‘artistic’ element and the result is just a waste product.” (Marina Faust)

Admission EUR 2
Free with entrance ticket or annual ticket

The performance program of Destination Vienna 2015 will outline the vitality that this art form is currently experiencing in Vienna. Different artists and artist groups represent the bandwidth of the medium from critical to parodic and subversive approaches.