Meaningful doodles

Guided tour
23/5 2024 5:30 pm

Every second and fourth Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm you can discover the exhibition Rene Matić / Oscar Murillo. JAZZ. together with our art educators and discuss the context and background of the exhibited works.

The guided tours are free of charge and will be held in German.

With: Carola Fuchs Andrea Hubin Michaela Lankes Michael SimkuDaliah Touré Martin Walkner

Encompassing painterly gestures, installation, film, photography, and sound, each element on show is in dialogue, shaped by Murillo’s black canvas installation. Together, through dissection and reconciliation, both artists explore the impossibilities and contradictions that arise from notions of desire, visibility and opacity. JAZZ. nods to concepts of desire, of consumption of the Other, it plays with performativity while retaining the right to opacity.

We can find meaningful doodles in the collaborative Frequencies project, in which Murillo covers tables in schools around the world with canvases for pupils to paint, draw and doodle freely. Working with fragments – made in different spaces and time periods, and moved from place to place only to be stitched together or reworked layer by layer – has long been at the core of Murillo’s work. It’s a practice that highlights the presence of the many hands and vastly different geographical contexts that permeate his paintings, sculptures, and performances.