Guided tour
30/4 2020 7 pm

In order not to endanger the safety of our visitors in view of the current situation in connection with Covid-19, Kunsthalle Wien will be closed until further notice. This applies to the exhibition as well as all events and guided tours.

… because “good” humor also plays an important role in reflecting on the ”good life,” Denice Bourbon and Josef Jöchl will guide you in a special PCCC* tour through the exhibition. Following their motto “punch up, don’t kick down” they will talk about their understanding of humor and the good life within the context of the exhibition.

Denice Bourbon known as a lesbian/queer performer, author, musician, presenter, DJ, and podcaster (you have to listen to: “Now, Back to Me!”) and Josef Jöchl, editor, author and comedien, have founded PCCC* – Vienna’s first politically correct comedy club – in 2017. Why? Because they didn’t get enough laughs in the queer and art scene, and because “everyone said: you can forget that – being politically correct and funny, that’s not possible.” Oh yes, they show us, that they can.

My View is a series of programs in which experts, amateurs, and interesting people are invited to present their personal view of the exhibition.

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