Michele di Menna

23/5 2013 9:15 pm

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In her practice the Canadian artist Michele di Menna amalgamates performance, sculpture, text, collage, and video into an autonomous microcosm whose centre is always herself. As a choreographer in a constantly changing world of images, the process, or genesis, for di Menna, is more important than a stable installation. The videos, collages, sculptures, and costumes in her performances remain as relics of past events, but also function as independent works in the sense of an environment. In the performances themselves, di Menna stages situations within which she explores the relation of the human body to space, and the boundaries of language and communication. References to arte povera, feminist art, and esotericism, but also the joy found in material struggles, form a genuine connection. Simultaneously theatrical and absurd, temporary formats transform themselves into open systems.

Michele di Menna (*1980) is an artist. She lives and works in Frankfurt and Berlin.