moving patterns @ “Living and working in Vienna II”

1/7 2005 9 pm
Museumsquartier / Halle1

SV Damenkraft:

Katrina Daschner
Sabine Marte
Gini Müller
Christina Nemec

SV DAMENKRAFT (since 2002) is a performance band of 4 women, coming from different backgrounds like: video and performance art, political activism, music and theatre.
One of our issues is to avoid a homogene language, or a hierachical structure in the band.
The visual material and the whole show itself has an equal importance next to the sound.
It all works like a kind of collage building up thoughts, atmosphere and statements mostly about feministic topics.

You think you know everything about bands, music and performing on stage? That you have seen it all? Press pause and think again. here come the SV Damenkraft! Their keyword: “we are not a rehearsing band” which does not mean they are not serious in what they are doing, mind you. The particularity of this band is that they meet before a gig and they set up a show, using each other’s art, and presenting some recurrent elements of course, but the whole show is unique, the result of individual experiences, artistic works, prepectives, all meeting in one group. The environment is also a major factor in the elaboration process (oslo got its KlasseKampen special song). However this is not only specificity of the band. All four being artists in different domains, they explode the restraining boundaries of art, creating a space of mixed (but not confused) arts, videos, songs turning into spoken words from time to time, DIY choreography, guitar, bass, cd-players, samplers…. Don’t miss the SV Damenkraft!