My view with Birgit Lahner and Marlies Pöschl

Guided tour
17/6 2021 7 pm

Based on Shadow Library, 2021, Marlies Pöschl‘s contribution to Space for Kids. Footprints in a Sea of Data, plant scientist Birgit Lahner will give us her personal view on the exhibition. Following her tour, we will embark on a guided urban excursion led by Birgit Lahner around Karlsplatz, focusing on the ever-changing (urban) botany that exists there.

Birgit Lahner grew up on a farm in the southern Kamptal and developed a keen interest in plants at an early age. After completing her studies in applied plant sciences, she is currently working on her second book, in which various botanical chapters of Vienna’s urban history are explored.

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My View is a program series in which experts, non-experts and interesting people are invited to present their personal view on the exhibition.