My View with Mario Höber (hoelb/hoeb)

Guided tour
31/3 2022 7 pm

The event takes place in cooperation with brut Wien in the context of the project LOSS_expands – coping with grief.
Please register at, the admission is free.

One of the principles of Mario Höber’s (hoelb/hoeb) artistic work is the close collaboration with experts from the fields of pastoral care, hospices, funerals, grief counselling, and philosophy. To tackle human crises and extreme situations, the Vienna-based artist team hoelb/hoeb invents extensive space installations operating at the intersection between visual art, everyday life, and performance. The My View tour creates connections and references between the artistic research work of hoelb/hooeb and individual objects shown in the exhibition Do Nothing, Feel Everything.

My View is a program series in which experts, non-experts and interesting people are invited to present their personal view on the exhibition.