Naya de Souza: The JKs are rowling

19/7 2024 8 pm

Stand up program with Naya de Souza in the context of the exhibition Rene Matić / Oscar Murillo. JAZZ..

Free admission. No registration required.

The show will be held in English.

Born in 1991 in the Caatinga region of Brazil, Naya de Souza transitions between disciplines such as performance art, comedy/stand-up, and cooking. She has been working under different alter egos, for instance as the ever hilarious, honest and hardworking @Bundaskanzlerin (a play on ‘bunda’ meaning booty and Bundeskanzlerin for chancellor) on social media, speaking the truth when most would not dare. Her online persona serves as social media critique of Germany’s – and by extension Europe’s – exclusionary political and art world, utilizing found footage, video collages, photography and memes to create what de Souza has termed “anti-censorship language” and tackle otherwise censored topics. Famously addressing her viewers as ‘amigas’ her politically charged stand up sets are savage, moving and charming, making it hard not to fall for this wise educator and artist.