Networks of Solidarity: Body & Mind

11/9 2017 5 pm

With Eva Egermann (Crip Magazine), Josefine Thom, Markus Samek, Fahim Amir (PRO21 Kampfassistenz,, Katharina Zabransky (Freak Radio,, and Sigi Allacher (“Behindert und Verrückt feiern in Wien”).

There are a number of established initiatives in Vienna that for a long time have been dealing with questions that relate to “how to live together” in manifold different contexts. On five Mondays, the Community College invites representatives of these initiatives to present their interests, commitment to exchange knowledge and connect with one another and the audience.

On September 11 we will meet with activists and initiatives promoting body concepts that counter ableism (discrimination in favour of able-bodied people) in the field of culture by using artistic, cultural and political strategies. Various projects will be presented.

Crip Magazine counters the omnipresent media images of victim vs hero, of the helping hand and “bringing light into the darkness” with polyphonic, strong, self-confident, nuanced, and humorous images of disability. The magazine features contributions that address pain and open up a transformative perspective on body issues and bodily social relationships. The project is dedicated to the relevance of alternative representations of illness and disability (in art, youth culture, daily life) and creates a visual culture of crip subjectivities.

PRO21 frees love, sex, and other ‘disabled’ realities from taboos: intellectual disability, social resistance and activism should no longer exclude each other. PRO21 is not counselling, but battles assistance. On the September 22, 2017, PRO21 opens the Needy Centre within the framework of WIENWOCHE. The Needy Centre is a room for experimentation, a counterstrike against dominant forms of inclusive leisure politics: claim your right for #FreeFreetime, #FreeMassage, #FreeParty. PRO21 will also be a guest of the event Why, what, how do … we … do that? at the Community College.

Freak-Radio is more than a common internet radio. Alongside diverse other activities (Freek-Online, Freak-Projekte) the Freak-Verein (Freak association) provides a platform for issues concerning the world of people with disabilities. Association, radio and online platform are meeting places. Different people meet – contacts are exchanged – networks develop. Freak-Online and Freak-Radio are edited / produced by Freak – Verein zur Förderung behinderter Menschen in den Medien. Integrative teams of people with and without disabilies work in Freak-Verein and its editorial departments.

Behindert und Verrückt feiern in Wien: are group of people. Our group is called “behindert und verrückt feiern in Wien” (Celebrating Disabled and Insane in Vienna). In Berlin, Germany, there has been such a group for a long time. That’s their website: We liked it very much. Therefore, we also founded such a group in Vienna. In July, we travelled to Berlin for the “behindert und verrückt feiern Pride Parade”. This year’s parade is on the 15th of July. Perhaps we will organize a parade in Vienna next year. Some of us have experience • with psychiatry, • with being disabled, • with crisis (meaning: feeling bad and helpless), • with (chronic) illness (meaning: an illness that you have all the time), • with disease mongering (meaning: others tell you that you are ill), • with discrimination (meaning: that you are treated badly).

Further dates Networks of Solidarity Mon 19/6, 17/7, 11/9, 25/9, 2/10,5 pm