Networks of Solidarity: LIVING HERE

17/7 2017 5 pm

A range of initiatives in Vienna has been working on questions of living together in diverse contexts for a long time. On five Mondays, the Community College invites guests to present their engagement, to exchange strategies and to connect with each other and with the visitors.

This meeting is dedicated to the topic „LIVING HERE“: How do different kinds of communities organize themselves in a certain space or location? How do social spaces come into existence, and which political and economic implications come into effect here?

With Carlos Rojas (former inhabitant of Macondo, Vienna’s oldest refugee settlement in Vienna, voluntarily active at the community center Simmering,

Anne Wiederhold-Daryanavard (Co-founder and artistic director of Brunnenpassage and actress

Florence Holzner (Co-founder of MARKHOF powered by Colearning Wien,, )


Mon 19/6, 17/7, 4/9, 25/9, 2/10, 5 pm