On Learning a Language.

13/5 2017 2 pm — 4 pm

Film Project with Chantelle Lavel Boyea

Introduction, screening, registration for the film workshop (June 2017) and the film project (June – October 2017)

In the context of a fellowship by kültüř gemma! and as part of the Community College, the filmmaker Chantelle Lavel Boyea will realize a film project focused on the experience of having to learn a language.

The project will take form in three stages; the first being a filmmaking workshop open to the public in June 2017. After this, a film group will form from the participants of the workshop and further guests that will produce a 15 minute collaborative documentary “On Learning a Language” over the course of the summer. Public discussions and screenings related to the topic will be organized by the Kunsthalle Wien Denkfabrik and take place as part of the Community College.

The events on 13th and 27th of May offer insights into the contents and strategies of the workshop taking place in June and of the film project, as well as the possibility to register for the program.

Call for participation

This project is realized in the frame of a fellowship by kültüř gemma! at Kunsthalle Wien.