On Love Afterwards. Public Montage from and with Milica Tomić

2/2 2020 7 pm
Burgtheater im Kasino

The internationally renowned performance and media artist Milica Tomić presents an open, unconventional format: Her public montage on the history and present of political imagination is anything but a classic panel discussion. She is interested in the possibilities and limits of civil disobedience, in the motives for choosing between legal and illegal tactics, and in the role of women in public life. By assembling photographic material and videos from public space, Tomić – known for her public performances in various cities – provides the framework for a dialogue with the audience. The performance is supported by short impulses given by the urbanist and activist Gabu Heindl, the art theorist Jelena Petrović, the archeologist Ana Bezić, and with original texts by film theorist Pavle Levi and cultural philosopher Sami Kathib (in their absence). A group of students from Graz will add their contributions, as can the audience, which is welcome to participate in the discussion. (in English)

With contributions by: Ana Bezić, Gabu Heindel, Sami Khatib, Pavle Levi, Jelena Petrović

In conversation with: Zaid Alsalme, Laura Bäumel, Gregor Berger, Budour Khalil, Amir Kozman, Lung Peng, Philipp Sattler, Marko Stavrić

With photographs by: Srdjan Veljović
Video Technician: Marcell Bandi

On Love Afterwards is part of a collaborative series of events organized by the new teams running Burgtheater and Kunsthalle Wien. Three discursive formats are taking place in the framework of the project EUROPAMASCHINE (February–March 2020) at Kasino, leading up to the exhibition … of bread, wine, cars, security and peace at Kunsthalle Wien, which will open on March 8, 2020.

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Date: Sunday, 2/2 2020, 7 pm
Location: Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz

In cooperation with Burgtheater