OPENING: Green Flame

16/11 2006 7 pm

Lynette Wallworth “Evolution of Fearlessness”
Meskerem Assegued “Green Flame”
Bill Viola “Bodies of Light”

Peter Sellars has the pleasure to invite you cordially to the Opening of the New Crowned Hope Exhibition at the Kunsthalle Wien project space and the Künstlerhaus.

Opening in the presence of Lynette Wallworth, Meskerem Assegued and the artists of “Green Flame”:

7 p.m. Kunsthalle Wien project space
Introduction: Gerald Matt (Director Kunsthalle Wien)
Peter Sellars
Meskerem Assegued (Curator “Green Flame”)

8 p.m. Künstlerhaus, 1010 Vienna, Karlsplatz 5

9 p.m. Performance / Concert at the Künstlerhaus

10 p.m. Party continues at Kunsthalle Wien project space