Parade Workshop: Let’s Build a Cloud Horse!

Kids' program
7/5 2022 11 am — 5 pm
MQ Main Courtyard

A joint program by Az W – Architekturzentrum Wien, Kunsthalle Wien, Leopold Museum, mumok – Museum moderne Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, and ZOOM Kindermuseum

Artistic concept: Stephen Mathewson

Art workshop for children from 5 years on

Come to us at the Parade Workshop and build a very special horse – the musical cloud horse! What does it look like? What does its wavy wonder mane sound like? Does it need a rattle saddle? And does it fly with rocket propulsion or with its magic cape? Together with artists and art educators from the institutions within Museumsquartier, you can try out various artistic techniques and make the giant sculpture resound. On Sunday afternoon, the musical cloud horse will start moving and lead the second Wiener KinderKulturParade through the Museumsquartier. Will it actually lift off?