Passagen Talk with Alain Badiou

19/9 2017 7 pm

Disrupt! Strategies of Political Intervention

Peter Engelmann in conversation with Alain Badiou

While social differences are growing, and Europe, facing geopolitical conflicts, is in danger of falling apart, the belief in the promised salvation of parliamentary democracy is decreasing.

Not least, the election of the right-wing conservative Donald Trump as American president has shown that persistent political and economic crises are increasingly drawing people to populist parties. In view of the current situation, Alain Badiou insists more than ever on the necessity for change and supports the renewal of the idea of communism to counter globalized capitalism. The fact that this revival of the communist phantom also requires prudence is the view of publisher Peter Engelmann, who is not only in theory familiar with the repressions of totalitarian socialist regimes. In a controversial talk, the two discuss the causes of poverty, migration and terrorism, and possible solutions. The question arises as to how far philosophy can lead to a rethinking of the urgent problems of the present.

In French with a simultaneous translation in German.

Admission fee EUR 4, tickets are available from 6 pm on at the Kunsthalle Wien cash desk. Admission:6:30 pm

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Alain Badiou is a philosopher, political activist, mathematician and writer. He is an influential and widely discussed philosophical-political thinker and an advocate of the idea of communism. Alain Badiou headed the philosophical faculty of the École Normal Supérieure in Paris. The titles of Badiou, published by Passagen, can be found here.

Peter Engelmann is publisher, philosopher and editor of
numerous texts by French philosophers of postmodernism and deconstruction.

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