Permanent Breakfast

8/5 2015 11 am

Permanent breakfast is an invitation and appeal to temporarily take possession of public space and to meet other people over breakfast. What began on the morning of May 1, 1996 has matured into an international project that continuously discovers new formulations and that ventures into the neuralgic zones of discourse on participation and the general public, but nevertheless is confined to a single concept and plan of action.

A person extends a breakfast invitation and claims a physical space for this happening. The invited guests, usually four in number, commit to organise such a breakfast the next day, and so on. In the spirit of the “reclaim the street” movement, permanent breakfast refers to a real as well as virtual network and exemplifies a different approach to urban space, while as an art project it also poses questions with regard to authorship. As an experimental field that proclaims an expanded concept of art, breakfast al fresco represents the occupation of a particular space for a particular purpose, in which those having breakfast act as their own medium. All the actions that are taking place under the title permanent breakfast are announced and documented on a website

Friedemann Derschmidt, Ursula Hofbauer, Abbé Libansky, Karin Schneider, Barbara Zeidler a.o.

Location: Mariahilfer Straße / U2 Museumsquartier

Free admission!