Philipp Gehmacher & Marino Formenti. Talk to me of Mendocino

27/1 2018 8:45 pm

Performance organized by Tanzquartier Wien in co-operation with Kunsthalle Wien.

Choreographer and visual artist Philipp Gehmacher has joined forces with pianist and performer Marino Formenti for the first time to celebrate the reopening of TQW. They share an inclination and a curiosity for dispensing with hierarchies, for subverting the conventions of watching and listening in their respective trades. It all starts with fundamental questions: “…turning a verbal statement into song, to singing together, how is that supposed to work? The voice as a gesture behind the mic? Possibly some sort of stand-up, almost like spoken word, maybe…and here and there a song in between, this tiny capsule of a narrative.” (Philipp Gehmacher) It is also “the projecting of musical thoughts onto other levels, because the music just isn’t a product of sound. Instead, it’s causing the air – which itself has consequences and suffers consequences – to vibrate.” (Marino Formenti) Everything is still possible as yet. A process – a unique encounter with an open end.

Philipp Gehmacher is a choreographer, dancer and visual artist, living and working in Vienna. He uses the body and language as forms of expression, built and institutional space as well as things, objects and sculptures in his artistic works. Philipp Gehmacher presents his creations located between black box and white cube at international theatre festivals and in exhibition institutions. He also works as a mentor and teacher at prestigious training institutions including P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, HZT in Berlin, DOCH in Stockholm and the University of Salzburg.

Marino Formenti, celebrated as a “Glenn Gould for the 21st century” by the LA Times, has made a name for himself, among other things, with performances that challenge the concert format. His major projects include Kurtag’s Ghosts and Liszt Inspections. In the long-term performance NOWHERE (e.g. Berlin Festival) he performed and lived round-the-clock in a publicly accessible space for several weeks. One to One (e.g. Art Basel) is a two-hour musical encounter with one listener each. Collaborations with Ann Liv Young (brut Vienna), Tim Etchells, Florian Pumhösl, Rodrigo García and many more.

EUR 10