Plant spirits and magical animals

Education / Kids' program / Workshop
21/7 2021 10 am — 12 pm

Kids’ workshop as part of WIENXTRA-Kinderaktiv-Programms
For children from 6 to 10 years

In our exhibition And if I devoted my life to one of its feathers? a whole range of fabulous animals or magical plants is present. Be inspired by the works of the artists and invent your own magical being! How could these magical creatures and plants look like, where do they live, and what magic can they do? With colorful fabrics, ribbons, buttons, and much more you create a fabulous magical world in which plants can speak and animals and humans reinvent the world together.

Costs: 2 € / free with Kinderaktivcard
Adults: 3 € / free with Kinderaktivcard

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