Political Futures: What if …

9/4 2018 7 pm

Andreas Mailath-Pokorny (City Counselor for Cultural Affairs) in conversation with Nicolaus Schafhausen

Imagine: the cultural landscape of Vienna in 2040. It has successfully survived all rightward shifts and forms of neoliberal imposition, all political-economic attacks on its historic diversity and vitality – which is also thanks to wise cultural and political decision-making of the past. What would the current setting and directions for such a scenario look like? Which incentives have to be set now to ensure the accessibility of and participation in arts and culture in the future?

Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, Vienna’s Counsellor of Culture and Science since 2001 (since 2015 also for Sport), and Nicolaus Schafhausen, Director of Kunsthalle Wien, attempt to sketch out and discuss an image of Vienna’s cultural political future together. Departing from a critical assessment they seek to identify challenges and urgencies of contemporary cultural politics and push them further in light of current cultural and political debates.

The talk is part of the discursive series Political Futures. Following on from the exhibitions Political Populism (2015/16) and How to Live Together (2017) the series Political Futures questions the role of the future between the poles of art and politics. Together with international participants we will discuss strategies by which the future can be reactivated as a source of political thought and action.

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