30/1 2016 — 31/1 2016 

How popular can and should art and culture be? Is the demand “culture for all” legitimate? Has contemporary art already become mainstream?

These and other provocative questions will be discussed on the last two weekends of the exhibition Political Populism in short conversations with a host of different figures from the cultural sector of Vienna. The 20 – 30 minute long, informal conversations unfold in their entirety a range of opinions and theories relating to the connections between contemporary art, the public and popular culture.

A total of up to 20 talks will be held respectively starting at 3 pm during the two weekends. The talks will be conducted by Anne Faucheret, Lucas Gehrmann, Vanessa Joan Müller and Nicolaus Schafhausen.

Sat 30/1 2016

3 pm: Martin Fritz (Curator, Consultant and Journalist)
3.30 pm: Christoph Thun-Hohenstein (Director MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna)
4 pm: Werner Rodlauer (Publisher artmagazine.cc)
4.30 pm: Lorenz „eSeL“ Seidler (Curator, Artist and Communicator)
5 pm: August Ruhs (Psychoanalyst)
5.30 pm: Gabriele Schor (Director SAMMLUNG VERBUND)
6 pm: Karl Regensburger (Director ImPulsTanz)

Sun 31/1 2016

3.30 pm: Hedwig Saxenhuber (Curator and Critic, Co-editor springerin)
4 pm: Vivien Trommer (Curator)
4.30 pm: Thomas Zierhofer-Kin (designated Director Wiener Festwochen)
5 pm: Herwig Kempinger (Artist and President Secession)

Sat 6/2 2016

3 pm: Sandro Droschl (Director Künstlerhaus Graz)
3.30 pm: Barbara Steiner (Curator, Author and Editor, Leipzig)
4 pm: Severin Dünser (Curator 21er Haus)
4.30 pm: Matti Bunzl (Director Wien Museum)
5 pm: Thomas Trenkler (Journalist Kurier)
5.30 pm: Rainer Fuchs (deputy Director mumok, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna)
6 pm: Thomas D. Trummer (Director Kunsthaus Bregenz)

Sun 7/2 2016

2.30 pm: Jasper Sharp (Adjunct Curator for Modern and Contemporary Art, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna)
3 pm: Christine König (Gallerist)
3.30 pm: Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt (Artistic Director viennacontemporary )
4 pm: Vitus Weh (Curator and Artcritic)
4.30 pm: Dirk Snauwaert (Director Wiels –Contemporary Art Center, Brussels)
5 pm: Georg Kargl (Gallerist)
5.30 pm: Lilli Hollein (DirectorVIENNA DESIGN WEEK)
6 pm: Gelatin (Artists)

On February 7 the exhibition Political Populism will be open until 10 pm.

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