Presentation Crip Magazine #4 – The Vienna Edition

11/6 2021 7 pm — 9:45 pm
Belvedere 21

Presentation of Crip Magazine #4 – The Vienna Edition and short film program curated by Eva Egermann

7 – 7:15 pm
Welcome by Christiane Erharter and Claudia Slanar (B21)

7:15 – 8 pm
Introduction of Crip Magazine #4 by Eva Egermann and Anne Faucheret


8:15 – 9:45 pm
Short film program with an introduction by Claudia Slanar and Eva Egermann, followed by a discussion with some of the activists, artists and filmmakers

Crip Magazine #4 – The Vienna Edition

Crip Magazine is dedicated to anti-hegemonial experiences and forms of knowledge in the context of illness and disability. Based on the reclamation of the term “Crip” used in the field of disability studies and activism, the magazine overturns ableist and hyper-productive framing of bodies within capitalism. Crip Magazine functions as a collective platform bringing together different cultural producers, writers and artists.

The repoliticization of mental health and diverse artistic perspectives are addressed in the current issue, produced in collaboration with Kunsthalle Wien. The magazine picks up topics such as never ending fatigue, utopian time travel, works in progress, cruel optimism, crash landings, bruises, diversity and accessibility, patriarchy and psyche, Zen gardens, sticky dis-identifications, spring and the fragility of desires.

Crip Magazine #4 – The Vienna Edition brings together collages, poetry, photos, drawings, Instagram-postings, interviews and facsimiles. Many contributions were created specifically for this issue, others are reformulations and adaptions. In ‘exceptional situations’ like the current one, the contributions remind us of the need for artistic intervention. They evoke a future that stands for equality and solidarity.

Presentation by Eva Egermann and Anne Faucheret (Kunsthalle Wien). In the attendance of some of the contributors.

Contributors to Crip Magazine #4 – The Vienna Edition: Tobi Adebajo, Persson Perry Baumgartinger, Martin Bruch, Julius Deutschbauer / Gerhard Spring, David Ernesto García Doell, Eva Egermann, Candy Flip & Theo Meow, Em Gruber, Hanna Hacker, Zinaida Hierzer, Ianina Ilitcheva, Iris Kopera, MOB Industries, Leroy F. Moore Jr., Barbara Putz-Plecko, Rick Reuther, Katja Rothe, Sickness Affinity Group, Nicole (voec) spiders, Katta Spiel, Julischka Stengele, Two Pigs under One Umbrella, Amelieh Zadeh

In memory of: Mel Baggs, Linda Bilda, Bob Flanagan, Peter Gorsen, Ianina Ilitcheva

Editors: Eva Egermann, Anne Faucheret, WHW (Ivet Ćurlin, Nataša Ilić, Sabina Sabolović)

Graphic design: Lana Grahek

Crip Magazine #4 – The Vienna Edition is available at Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier aswell as an accessible PDF download.

Short film program

With artistic and activist contributions by and with: Amanda Baggs, Lorenza Böttner, Crutches & Spice, Theresia Degener, Disability Mad Pride Parade, Em Gruber, Feel Tank Chicago, Julischka Stengele (world premiere of the video Bodies of Water), Two Pigs under One Umbrella and Romily Alice Walden.

The films are dealing with unusual communication and resistance, a holiday of the politically depressed, pain and pleasure, or refer to barricades instead of barriers, the risk factor and biopolitics in times of crisis. The videos were created in the pandemic year 2020, some are directly linked to Crip Magazine content. Many contributions also reach back into the recent past of social movements around illness and disability and are time documents of resistance.

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