QMA Artist Consultation

29/5 2024 4 pm — 6 pm

QUESTION ME & ANSWER (QMA) is offering an artist consultation with Smaranda Krings and Justina Špeirokaitė.

Free admission. No appointment needed.

The consultation is offered in English, French, German, Lithuanian, Romanian, and Russian.

Artists who have not lived in Vienna for long often find it difficult to get the right information to resume their artistic activities here. For artists who have had to migrate to or seek refuge in Vienna, it can sometimes take a long time to find the right contact points to enable them to resume their creative process. QMA facilitates this network-building process and supports collaborations between artists who have been living in Vienna for a long time and those who have recently arrived – for more mutual support, the democratization of “insider knowledge” and a flattening of hierarchies.

As part of the QMA Artist Collective project, QMA works with 16 artists every year and supports them in building a network in the scene. In addition, from 2024, all other artists who are not part of this program can also come to open consultation hours. QMA is happy to help artists get the information they need to continue their artistic work after having moved to Vienna.

Smaranda Krings and Justina Špeirokaitė can advise you on the following topics:

  • You want to know what options there are for you to get funding for your artistic production and some advice on how to approach it best.
  • You have questions about social security and taxes for artists. Krings and Špeirokaitė are not experts on this topic but can give you hints on where to look for answers and what experts to get in touch with. They are happy to provide referrals.
  • You want to know more about various cultural institutions in Vienna and want direct contacts.
  • You want to know what art spaces in Vienna might be interesting for your artistic practice and where you could exhibit.
  • You want to know where to get specific materials.

The consultation is aimed for artists new to Vienna who need support in navigating the scene and finding the right information.

Since its foundation, the Viennese initiative QUESTION ME & ANSWER (QMA) has pursued the vision of making Vienna’s art and culture scene more accessible and diverse: As an advice center, with different forms of events, newcomer programs and proactive networking to connect newcomers with established members of the Viennese art and culture scene.

QMA currently comprises four subprojects: The QMA Artist Collective promotes collaboration between artists (visual artists, performance artists, dancers, multimedia artists) of different origins, QMA On Stage creates a representative body for musicians with migration and refugee experience, the QMA Artist in Residency brings artists of all media with migration or refugee experience from the federal states to Vienna for a month and the QMA Artist Consultation offers individual advice for artists of all disciplines who are new to Vienna.